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Horror Genre New Rulers
Freddy, seeing as Tattletail was becoming popular, chose him as his successor to rule the Horror Genre. However, he soon realized his error as Tattletail's popularity quickly, for lack of a better term, "fizzled out". A worried Freddy began searching for someone to help Tattletail, and lo and behold, Bendy came up. He was becoming popular, and it would only grow as more of his game got released. However, Freddy now knew to always keep backup, and he doesn't know how long the two new rulers will be able to last.

//Welp I don't know where this is going but I really like this concept
Teacher 3: Weaponry
Way-ro's third and final teacher is Animal Train. She will teach him how to fight with a melee weapon.
Me:*watching Brain Games*
Tv: Name a country that starts with the letter D.
Me: Dominican Republic.
Tv: Now name an animal that starts with the last letter of the country you chose.
Me: Coelacanth.
Tv: Now name a color that starts with the last letter of that animal.
Me: *looks up colors that start with h, only to find a ton of obscure colors* Fuck. Let's go with heliotrope.
Tv: Now, did you guess an orange kangaroo from Denmark?

Tv: Name a color.
Me:*In my head* Purple.
My sister:*Out loud* Purple.
Tv: Name a common tool that can be found in a toolbox.
Me: *In my head* Wrench.
My sister:*Out loud* Wrench.
Tv: Now I'm going to read your mind. Did you think a red hammer? Crazy, huh?
My sister: MY GOD NO
Me: *facepalms*
//I had to use like fifty different black pens on Raizer's eye just to get it to sHOW

But yeh here's an idea I've been thinking about for a few days now. Also I did it without rEFERANCE IT WAS HARD
Way-ro Spikewill Design Update
Sooo basically I changed his personality a bit and gave him some rather edgy-looking gloves. THEY'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE EDGY I SWEAR

Way-ro is a boy! He is also the main character in Storiverse. 

Full Name: Way-ro Spikewill

Species: Rabbit

Age: 12

Height: 5' 

Weight: 95 lbs.

Backstory: Way-ro lived a simple life on a farm on the East. He was the adopted son in a family of porcupines. He lived in peace with his adopted sister, Sylvia, until he heard about the North Royal Fleet and wanted to join. Way-ro traveled to the North, leaving his farm life behind to become a member of the Royal Fleet. He soon ran into trouble, however, when he wandered into the Myste Foreste and got chased by a pack of Adogis. This was how he met Jakki. Jakki chased away the Adogis and brought him to the North Castle, where he was already part of the Fleet. Way-ro is now training with Jakki to become a full-fledged Fleet member.

Hobbies: Way-ro likes to explore places and grow plants. He also runs a lot.

Personality: Way-ro is very shy and fearful, often hiding behind others for protection. He is very kind and likes helping people in any way he can.

Bad Things: Way-ro is scared of nearly everything. It kinda makes it hard for him to adventure. He often cannot fight himself, although he trains with the others fairly often. He also cannot control the electricity that comes out of his hands.

Skills: Way-ro is very fast and good at farming.

Fears: Once again, Way-ro is scared of just about everything. He often gets scared by other members in the Fleet, Raizer specifically.

Other Things: Way-ro is a homosexual. He wears special gloves that Raizer made him that are made of rubber, but with steel on the knuckles. The purpose is, since his electricity comes from his hands, the rubber will nullify it if he wants to hold something, but the metal will electrify and stun anything he punches.

Element: Fire/Electric

Trait: Speed
The creator of Spongebob was diagnosed with ALS just recently. It may be too late to save him, but it is possible to aid in the research to find a cure for others. Please help. If you can't donate, spread the word. Just do what you can to help.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Oh! Uh, h-hoi there! I am Ribbon, the Autistic Artist! How did you find my profile? Did someone send you? Well anyway, I am a traditional artist, and most of my work here will be concept art for my passion project, an animated series called Storiverse! I will upload things for other stories, of course, and the occasional bit of fan art (gotta have dem fandoms) but not much.
Current Projects:
Storiverse- Animated Series- Pilot Script
Everlast Project- Video Game- Plot Development
Raibaru! In Poni Village- Animated Series -Concept Art
Hunter's Fantastical Adventure- Animated feature- Concept Art
Pokemon: Relatively Colorful- Animated Series -Concept Art
Horror Genre- Webcomic-style Picture series

Possible Future Projects:
An Unnamed Furry Project
1984/Steven Universe-inspired Furry Project

Well, I think that's all you need to know for now! Oh wait! Link to my friend's account: LilyPenner49

Link to my Quotev account:…


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